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International Criminal Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

International Criminal Law - Essay Example of international crimes is even more complicated because the enforcement of the penal statute is carried out by international bodies against individual persons for acts committed in different countries. Where the international tribunal has jurisdiction, however, it is able to add further definition to a new offense. Such is the case with the crime of genocide. The crime of genocide is a relatively new name for a violent act that had long existed, merely because it has only recently been criminalized. Quigley2 refers to the crime of genocide consisting of forcible acts that are directed against individual members of a group in a way that threatens a group, although closer examination reveals that there are fine points that qualify acts of genocide. Most such atrocities are coincidental to the occurrence of war. In the twentieth century, the earliest such atrocity was in 1915 when Turkey, fearing that its two million Armenian population would side with its enemies, began deporting this population to Syria and Mesopotamia. The deportation was particularly brutal and involved several mass executions, during which several hundred Armenians died, prompting Arnold Toynbee to lament it as â€Å"the murder of a nation.†3 It took another world war and another three decades before the offense of genocide was conceived. The Germans committed such violence against indiscriminate and countless people that Churchill decried it as â€Å"a crime without a name†.4 The term â€Å"genocide† was coined by Raphael Lemkin, a Polish lawyer who escaped Nazi occupation and worked in Washington war intelligence. The word, as Lemkin himself described, is â€Å"a hybrid consisting of the Greek genes meaning race, nation or tribe; and the Latin cide meaning killing5 (e.g. suicide, homicide). After having chronicled the atrocities of the Third Reich, Lemkin had a circumscribed perspective of what would comprise the offense of genocide. He wrote that: â€Å"Genocide is effected through a

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Is the Latest Technology Crane ALII Worth Buying Essay

Is the Latest Technology Crane ALII Worth Buying - Essay Example The second option looks more feasible given the current situation. Although both projects are yielding a negative NPV, but the second option is giving a smaller negative number, hence we can safely conclude that the company should wait for 5 more years before buying the latest technology crane ALII. NPV shows us that the project would yield more cash inflow than outflow, but the negative number shows us that the outflows would be greater than the inflow. The best option for the company is trying to increase its revenue base in order to improve the situation. Just having two or three projects supporting such a large purchase is not feasible and hence the company should market more often to attract more customers. In case these are two exhaustive options, the company should clearly select the option b because it is yielding a lower negative number and hence if the company wants to save its position it should try to adopt the option b. Money rates of returns do not reflect the time value of money. All economies face the phenomenon that the purchasing power of money constantly falls with the passage of time. Hence, inflation is needed to be taken into account in order to arrive at the real rate of return or rate of returns that are adjusted against inflation. The discounting factor of 23 percent has been adjust by multiplying it by 104 in order to arrive at the inflation adjusted discount rate to give better idea regarding the position of the company and how much it should earn in order to safeguard its position against falling value of a dollar due to inflation and alternative projects that are available to a company. This way the money return has been adjusted to real return and provides a better picture of how much return the company needs to earn on its projects to safeguard the value of its wealth in real terms and to make sure that it is not losing money. If a company does not pay heed to the time value of mo ney it cannot tell whether it has made or lost money and hence it is considered one of the fundamental concepts of finance and needs to be taken into account every time the company needs to make an important decision.